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May 2, 2012

SD Digest 5/2/12

Space Dragons!

Word of the week: Yard Sale!

1.  BABY LONG BEACH – Great Job Space Dragons!
·         Way to keep the Momentum!
·         Way to represent!
·         Way to take care of each other!
·         Race Results HERE
2.  YARD SALE - Sat 5/5  This Saturday!
·         Who: All Space Dragons.
·         What: Annual Yard Sale, where we do massive amounts of fundraising to help keep annual dues and tournament fees low.
·         When: 6:00am call time til ~2:00p, Saturday May 5. 
                   2 shifts: roughly 6a-10a and 10a-2p
·         Where: James N. residence (check email for address)
·         Why: Because fundraising is hugely important to this team and we hope you will do your part and pull your weight.
·         Please either bring your donation items to the Yard Sale or arrange for your items to get to Yard Sale.  At a loss on how to get your items to yard sale? Email and we'll try to help.
·         Practice IS canceled so all paddlers should come.  The team will need help with set-up, tear-down, tagging and selling items. Attendance will be taken!
·         I know, it's pretty damn early. But please be on time. Even though the yard sale doesn't officially start at 6:00am, you can bet your sweet buns that some crazy yard sale early bird deal seekers will arrive before our official start time.
·         Can you tell I'm stressing that all team members need to show up for yard sale? It's not very fair that 6 people do the work for 60, right? That's why practice is canceled!
IMPORTANT ACTION ITEM INFORMATION HERE SO READ THIS IF YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE:  Email captains to let us know (a) what time you are available (arrival and leaving), (b) general summary of goodies you have to donate, (c) if you are not planning on showing up, why you think you are exempt from helping out your team and teammates.  Yard sale is much easier (and more fun) with your support.  Without your support, we may as well increase dues/fees instead of trying to do fundraisers.
We will need help setting up, tagging/pricing items, and breaking down and we need your support (and goodies). 

3.  OC-2 TESTING - Sun 5/6  This Sunday!
·         I don't care whether you're going to Portland or not. You should do OC-2 testing. Period.
·         Sign up on the Doodle!

·         From Sep: SCDBC needs some paddlers this Saturday 1-3pm (beginner's steering clinic) and Sunday 1-3pm (advanced steering clinic)! RSVP to danka!

5.  PORTLAND - Sat/Sun 6/9-6/10
·         Yes, we have hit our one-boat limit.  We have 22 paddlers with confirmed flights to Portland!
·         Ladies! Want to join still? Let us know (email and post up on Evite) - we need to see if there is enough interest to register a mixed boat with Sister Team Ripple Effect. They have the men, we supply the ladies!
·         Lodging info:    Residence Inn Portland Downtown River Place
2115 SW River Parkway,
Portland OR 97201
$139/night for 1 King bed + pull-out
$209/night for 2-room King beds + pull-out (only 3 avail!)
Check the EVITE for hotel links and update your flight info with rooming info!
Discount good until 5/10, so book your room now!

      Since our order has been delayed, Galen can add to the order but only until midnight tonight!
·         Get your order in to him
·         Must list gender, size, and type (e.g. Men's , Extra Small, Short-sleeve)
·         There are 3 types:
o   Sleeveless 
o   Short Sleeve
o   Long Sleeve

·         Friday May 4:            Space Dragons Social Event – RSVP ASAP!
First Friday @ Natural History Museum
(look for the Facebook event invite with details from Janet)
·         Saturday May 5:       Yard Sale (practice canceled so be there!)
·         Sunday May 6:          OC-2 testing (optional practice so be there too!) 

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