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May 30, 2012

SD Digest 5/30/12

Space Dragons!

Word of the week: Hellweek! It's that time again - whether or not you're going to Portland, it's (short) Hellweek! Do it because you're prepping for Portland.  Do it because you support those heading to Portland.  Do it because misery loves company!  Do it to get EVEN SEXIER! and if all else fails ... Do it because I said so!

1.  PORTLAND - Sat/Sun 6/9-6/10
·         ONE WEEK LEFT … WOOHOO Make an effort to get out to as many practices as possible!
·         Make sure you are using your wood paddles for practice! Portland paddles are extra-long woodies!
·         FEE: ONLY $35
·         Photo ID’s: Thanks for all the responses guys, photos and waivers complete! Just that pesky last step, try to make it out to practice tonight or email me a pic of that signature for the ID cards.  Yes it is a pain, yes it is overkill on their part, but it is what it is, let's getter done!

2.  BIG LONG BEACH - Sat/Sun 7/28-7/29
·         Sign Up, Sign Up, Sign Up on the Evite Evite!
·         It's the big show and it's only two months away!
·         FEE: ONLY $40 - low due to fun-raising efforts!

·         Yep, we're gonna keep buggin' ya for monies! Big thanks to those who have paid, you guys help keep the team running smoothly!
·         I'm gonna be coming for the rest of ya.   Call it TOUGH LOVE!

·         Reminder: The Boy Scout Lot is open with a slick new surface. That means no more parking on the street!
-- Hooray, Captains!