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May 23, 2012

SD Digest 5/23/12

Mighty Space Dragons!

Word of the week: Accountability!

1.  PORTLAND - Sat/Sun 6/9-6/10
·         Yes, we have one boat!  22 paddlers with confirmed flights to Portland!
·         FEE: ONLY $35
·         In no time flat, Portland will be upon us, make sure you are using your wood paddles for practice! Portland paddles are extra-long woodies!
·         Photo ID’s: Portland paddlers got an email last week on this topic!  READ the email! Organizers NEED your photo ASAP! (Thank You Step and Davin!) Capt’n Robert will be pulling you aside to take your picture if you do not comply! (And we will pick the most unflattering picture to use, because that's more fun)

2.  BIG LONG BEACH - Sat/Sun 7/28-7/29
·         Sign Up, Sign Up, Sign Up on the Evite in your email!
·         FEE: ONLY $40 - low due to fun-raising efforts!

3.  Accountability - PRACTICE 
·         Practice Polls: Make sure you are filling out the practice polls regularly!
Due to low and therefore inaccurate responses on the poll, we did not reserve enough boats last weekend.  It was only after a lot of confusion, finagling with the other teams and negotiation with the SCDBC that were we able to get enough boats for everyone. But we lost nearly 20 minutes of precious practice time.  Let's not have that happen again!
NOTE: If we don't have enough boat space at practice, these people will be the most likely to be booted to special boat: (a) people who did not respond to the poll and (b) people who have not paid tournament fees or annual dues.  However, it is all up to the coaches' discretion. 
·         Training: POWER training for Portland and Big LB, keep up the hard SEXY work ;)

4.  Accountability – DUES/FEES 
·         Great job so far this year in paying your dues, we have been able to register early for EVERY tournament!
·         That being said: It’s time to pay up! Especially if your name is Kim ($25), Curtis ($100), Brianne ($25), T2 ($25), Samantha Salami Tsunami ($125), Daniel ($165 - wtfmate?), Susie ($100), Ryan ($25), Michiko ($25), or Emilio ($25). You guys owe the team money!
·         Financial hardship? No Problem! Just talk to us and start making payments - every bit helps!

5.  Accountability – GEAR 
·         Ready to get your own paddle and or PFD? Let the captains know!
·         Try different length paddles to find the best size for you!
·         Ask your fellow sexy teammates with simlar physique which PFD they prefer to find a perfect fit!

6.  Accountability – PARKING 
·         Yes, the rumors are true! The Boy Scout Lot is open, freshly re-paved. That means no more parking on the street!

-- thuyền trưởng