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Jun 13, 2012

SD Digest 6/13/12


Due to a shortened work week for travel from Portland, your dear captain forgot it's Wednesday Digest Day!  But worry not, the Digest is here! Hooray!

Great job Portland crew! Fun was had; hardware was earned; muscles were tired.

1.  PRACTICE - June 16 & 17- Saturday regular practice

- Sunday optional practice due to OC-2 Testing

- No more parking on the street, boy scout lot is now open (and repaved smooth like a baby's butt)
- Certified Steerspeople: Please bring your numbers to every practice, even if you are not planning to steer.  We may need you to step up and volunteer, or sit in bench 10 to allow a non-certified steersperson a chance at the helm.  Thank you for helping the team!

2.  OC-2 TESTING - Sun June 17- As always, highly recommended for everyone.  Have you signed up yet?

- Used for seating red boat, but as Coaches explain, tremendously useful as a gauge for your development as a paddler.

- Even if I just met you, it's still a good idea to sign up and give it a try!

3.  BAKE SALE - Sat June 30- Our second annual bake sale.  Last year we had great participation and were able to raise, and this is crazy... $400!! Think we can beat that this year?
- We'll be sending out sign-ups for bakers and volunteers/helpers.  Please start thinking about what you can bring!
- Ideas for goodies: Cookies, fruit-on-a-stick, watermelon, brownies, banana bread, pumpkin bread, pie.

4.  BIG LONG BEACH - July 28 & 29- Really not that far away anymore.  So sign up on the Evite. 

- The word is out: Space Dragons is the team to beat. So you can bet your sweet bananas everyone's bringing their A-game.

- Just $40!
5.  SAN FRANCISCO - Sept 15 & 16
- This is going to creep up faster than you think. So sign up on the Evite.  Ready to strike fear?

- Check out facebook for airfare deals going on already (Virgin and Southwest).  Always fun to travel with teammates, plus they can be airport carpool buddies.

- Fees TBD depending on our fundraising efforts (see Item 3 above).

- Didn't think we'd forget, did you?

- Some of Portland crew still owes Portland fees. Please pay up this weekend. Don't recall how much Portland fees were?  The magic number has been posted in the Digest week-after-week! I shouldn't have to remind you, but here's my number: $35.

so call me maybe,
-- Captains!