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Jul 11, 2012

SD Digest 7/11

Space Dragons!
Countdown to BLB: 17 days

1.  PRACTICE - Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays
THAT’S ONLY 6 practices left!

- Did you know today is Weekend Practice Poll deadline day? (of course you did). Respond to Poll  
- Parking Reminders:
No more parking on the street!
Boy Scout lot is now open, but DO NOT park next to church on Sunday!
Certified Steers-people: Please bring your numbers to every practice, even if you are not planning to steer.  We may need you to step up and volunteer for our practice to steer or babysit in bench 10, or to assist Festival teams.  Thank you for helping the team and community!

- Need paddlers this Saturday (7/14) and Sunday (7/15) at 1pm for the steering testing sessions! RSVP to with name and day of attendance (and let them know you're from Space!).

3.  BIG LONG BEACH - July 28 & 29
DEFEND!- Men, why haven't you signed up? We are still short 3 men! Sign up on the Evite.  Do it right now.
- And, come out to practice!
* Boat seating is still fluid! 
6 practices left to impress the coaches with your hard work!
- Six times left to perfect our timing.
- Six times left to perfect our starts.
- Six times left to push that wall.
 - Fees just $40!  Have you paid yet?
- Keep a lookout for potluck signup information! 
4.  LAKE GREGORY – Sun Aug 19
- This is a fun ONE DAY local race and it’s coming up FAST!  So sign up on the Evite if interested. 
- In the past we have brought up 2 12-man crews, let’s see if we can do 2 18-man crews and genders!
- Fees low!  ~$20 for 12 man crews, ~$15 for 18 man crews! 
5.  SAN FRANCISCO - Sept 15 & 16
- This is going to creep up faster than you think. So sign up on the Evite.  And pay the $40 tournament fees too!
- We have a block of rooms for our paddlers.  It is highly recommended to stay with the team so you can partake in the Sunday night shenanigans that will surely take place.
- Hotel Room Registration
1. Find your roommates, decide who is going to put down credit card info.
2. The person booking the room will go to weblink -
3. Enter Access Code: spacedb12   (left side of the screen)
4. Complete all the booking details.
5. The website will let you add more people to the room at the time of booking, or at a later date.

6.  WAX 4 SALE? – Marina
- Marina has a variety of surf wax!  $1 per bar
Did you respond to poll yet?

-- Your Captains!