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Jul 4, 2012

SD Digest 7/4/12

Space Dragons!

Countdown to BLB: 24 days! Holy moley we are well inside a month!  Stuff your faces with BBQ and celebrate the Fourth of July today, but we'll be training hard right after the holiday!
Action Item for all Paddlers: Email COACHES your weight and side preference for Big Long Beach.

1.  PRACTICE - Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays
- 9.  Count them.  Nine. That is the total number of practices left before Big Long Beach. 
- Nine times left to perfect our timing.
- Nine times left to perfect our starts.
- Nine times left to push that wall.

2.  BIG LONG BEACH - July 28 & 29
- Email COACHES your weight and side preference. As an example, you can be (even/left) if you paddle both sides but are more comfortable on the left. give the coaches the best information you can, and lets get ready to go!
- Coaches need your information NOW.  Why? Because it takes time to figure out seating positions on the multiple boats we have.
- Wait. Did you email the coaches yet?  Go ahead, stop reading and do it now. This email will still be here when you get back.
- Time to pay up tournament fees: $40.  Cash ok and checks made payable to Space Dragons.
3.  SAN FRANCISCO - Sept 15 & 16
- Now that you've emailed the Coaches your weight and side preference, you should also sign up for the San Francisco tournament via the Evite
4. WAX
- Stop being a moocher asking Scott, Rod or BK for wax and get your own!  $1 (at cost) from Marina. 

- We beat last years total proceeds by nearly $100! 
- Awesome job bakers and sellers!  Big thanks to Marina for organizing and Denise for handling all the finances.
- Make sure to thank all of the bakers.  They not only donated their time (many staying up really late on Friday night) but also donated all of the ingredients and other baking type things required to make the baked goodies! 
- Not only did the bakers work hard, but also many of our fellow teammates selling the goodies up and down the beach.  Make sure to thank the sellers too!  Without the bakers and sellers this wouldn't have been possible.

- Wood paddles have been received.  Did you want one and forget to order? We ordered a few extra. But only a few. So email captains if you want to order one!  Tell us the size you want too.
-- da Captains