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Aug 15, 2012

SD Digest 8/15

OOOOOOOh heyyy fellow Space Dragons and Dragonettes!
- Thanks to everyone who helped get the word out and who came to eat at Wahoo's this past Sunday! 
- Looks like it was a success for the team.  Wahoo's will count all of our pennies and let us know how much we raised soon.

2.  LAKE GREGORY – Sun Aug 19
- This Sunday!
- I love you guys and gals. Every last one of you. Honestly, I do.  Even those last minute stragglers who sign up for tournaments after our deadline.  
- We have 2 12-man crews with a possible extra 18-man mixed crew and gender mixups with other LB teams!
- Fees low!  $20 for 12 man crews, $10 extra for additional 18 man crew!
- We have some APCA paddlers and possibly some Dragonauts as well!
- Breakfast/Snacks is potluck! Ideas here!
- Usually a lunch vendor on-site, so bring cash!
- Participants: Please respond to “Races and Fees” email ASAP!
- Pay attention for logistics emails!
3.  SAN FRANCISCO - Sept 15 & 16
- Only 4 Weeks Away!  So sign up on the Evite
- It's the BIG ONE. One month away. Ready to prove yourself at the very top tier?
- Every practice and land workout COUNTS!
- Have you paid your low low low tournament Fees?!  $30 + FOOD FEE
- Food Fee: We have calculated a separate away-team food fee of $5 being collected by Zina, pay her! Or she will hunt you down (This is to help RFX offset food costs; we're bringing an awful lot of hungry tummies, after all!)
- Our hotel room block is ALL used!  Yaaay!  We'll get that fixed right away. Well, maybe not right away since we are also working stiffs with other life obligations too, but we'll get to it as soon as possible.  Which is even more reason not to wait until the last possible moment, in case we don't see your email and the deadline passes and then you're homeless for the weekend, which would kinda suck. For you. Yup.

Oh hey, there's that POLL, remember?

-- your soft & cuddly captains