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Aug 22, 2012

SD Digest 8/22

Hello Space Dragons!
- If you missed it, you really MISSED it!
- Once again our 2 12-man equally-weighted crews Brown Chicken and Brown Cow raced head to head taking 1st/2nd in the Short Boat division!
- Our 1st-time Mixed 18 man crew had the fastest 500m time-trial and took 1st place in 300m division
- Our 1000m crew took 1st in the chase/pursuit race!
- I hear Spacies did well in the balloon toss as well!
- Great Job Space and APCA paddlers on both the 12-man and 1000m crews for paddling hard and having a good time!
- Food was plentiful and spirits high!
- Remember this and sign up EARLY next year! MAYBE we can have 2 boats in the pursuit race ;)
2.  SAN FRANCISCO - Sept 15 & 16
- Only 3.5 Weeks Away!  Have you signed up? (Kim)   Do it on the Evite
- It's the BIG ONE. The Grand Finale. Ready to prove yourself at the very top tier?
- Every practice, every workout, every meal COUNTS!
- Have you paid your low low low tournament Fees?!  $30 + FOOD FEE
- Food Fee:
* We have calculated a separate away-team food fee of $5 being collected by Zina to help RFX offset food costs; we're bringing an awful lot of hungry tummies, after all!
* You can pay in SF but why not take care of it NOW so Zina doesn’t have  to chase you down =)
- Hotel Block: is FULL!  Yaaay!  If you do not have a room yet, contact captains!

- ome people have asked about some of the "unofficial" races we do like Lake Gregory.  Except for LG, they typically fall outside our "normal" season.  After San Francisco we typically take a break to give our Captains and Coaches a little WELL DESERVED ME-TIME, which also applies for all paddlers to take a break from the rigors of paddling.

There are however some tournaments of note that are “relatively” local to us that you may be interested in. While Lake Las Vegas is already sold out (must be REALLY popular this year!), San Diego is open until Sept 10th!  Please RESPOND TO EVITE (link below), Yes/No/Maybe so we can decide whether we have enough interest to have some form of participation.  Did you see how we asked that you respond "no" if you do not plan to go? It helps to know that you're not going too, it really does.

Much like Lake Gregory, these events are not Team sponsored so all costs are paid by participants and fees range from ~$35-$50 depending on divisions entered and number of paddlers. Here is some info on such races:

Lake Las Vegas Rose Regatta: 1-Day Sat Oct 13 (Already Sold Out!)
-          20-man boats, Mixed and gender divisions
-          3 250m races on a man-made lake
-          Competition, mostly Long Beach Teams
-          Breast Cancer Charity event, ~$35/person per division
-          Nice Hotels, 14mi from the Vegas Strip

San Diego: 2-Days Oct 20-21 (Mission Bay) RESPOND ON THE EVITE
-          20-man boats 500m, Mixed Masters and gender divisions
-          10-man boats 250m, Mixed and gender divisions
-          Competition, mostly Long Beach Teams
-          ~$35-$50/person for entering into 1-2 divisions
-          Lots of lodging with varying price range
-          Last year we had Space Camp! Some of us camped at local campground on the bay
- If you ordered on from Wila, they're here. She will bring them to Mother's Beach this weekend. Please bring her cash monies. $27.
- If you suddenly have now decided you really want one, she has a limited number of extras for first come/first serve.  
- There are exactly 19 teammates who are deliquent on either annual dues or tournament fees. 
- Unless these loverly folks makes payment to Denise or the captains tonight (at practice) or on Saturday or they contact either Denise or the captains to let us know when they plan on paying, 19 of my closest buddies will be doing one push-up for every dollar owed at every practice from now until payment is made.  Push-ups range from a measely 10, to a lot of folks doing 40 (for BLB fees), to 100.  Hoooray!
- Not sure if you're one of the 19? Or don't know how much you owe? Email captains!
- And yes, we know we've been lax on those late push-ups.  And yes, these are on top of any late push-ups that you might have to do.

Oh and yeah, there's that Practice POLL, remember?

-- your captains