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Sep 30, 2012

Paddler Spotlight - Daniel Puerto

- When's your birthday?
In the summer.

- If you could have an endless supply of three food items, what would they be?
Beef tacos, peaches, and bacon strips.

- How long have you been paddling?
At the time of typing this, about 7 months or so.

- Who got you into paddling and why do you stick with it week in and week out?
Ryan R. Ruan. James Nguyen convinced me to come over and be a Space Dragoon.
It is slowly killing my laziness and making my lifestyle a little more active. And i like the small talk on the boat.

- Under what conditions are you paddling at your best?
When i'm intensely focused and ignoring the pain of weakness.

- Is there anyone non-paddling related in your life that motivates and inspires you?
Everyone i know motivates and inspires me to be better at what i do, and to try hard to achieve my goals.

- What's your absolute favorite Space Dragon memory?
Taking off my shirt with Eric Machado near the end of a cold, wet practice.

- If you had a working time machine for a single day, where / when would you explore and why?
I would go a day ahead. 
I would rob many banks (lets assume i have the skills to do such a thing at that time), then go back to my time.
Then tomorrow would come and i would hang out with people that same day, in a public place with lots of cameras.
If they have evidence of it being me, I'll have an alibi since there would be no way of proving that I was at two places at once.
Then i can go collect my monies.

- What do you do when your'e not paddling?
School, hang out with friends/space buddies, go to disneyland, play video games, and airsoft or offroad when i can.

- Any advice for newbie paddlers?
Keep coming on out and give it your all. The only way to get better is by not giving up.

- How do you get prepared for a race?
Remember my teachings, and prepare my mind to focus on my technique.

- Do you have any paddling related goals at the moment?
Perfect my technique.

- Who's the most interesting character you've met from the team?
Hard to say, everyone is too darn interesting.

- What's the best thing about being a Space Dragon?
Having a reason to blue myself.

- If you were stranded on an island, which 3 Space Dragons would you want to be stranded with?
Chris Espino for a chance to survive.
Eric Machado. i think eric machados a pretty cool guy. eh can cooks and doesn't afraid of anything.
And (insert random female) for emotional support.

- Name something our readers don't know about you?
I am half belizian.
I had my Divers license years before my Drivers license.
I was born 11 Lbs 12 ounces. 
I know more German than i do Spanish.
I can eat bowls of nails for breakfast.
Without any milk.