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Jan 16, 2013

SD Digest 1/16/13

Destination Tempe …
WHAT?! Racing already? March will sneak up on you!

2013 Season has BEGUN!
   - Attendance is being taken, Land drills are being run!
   - 9:00a both Sat AND Sun (9:30-11:00 on the water)
   - 1st race is in Tempe, March 23-24, time to start training!
 ** Practice Poll (fill it out and keep it updated with changes)!

2.  2013 Dues!
-   Our very successful 2012 fundraising efforts helped cancel out expected increases in registration and tournament fees.  What does this mean?
-   Dues stay at the low 2012 rate of $100 adult, $50 minor (under 18)
-   As always, cash or checks payable to Space Dragons, give to Denise, Marina, Roger or Robert
-   If you need to make installment arrangements, contact captains, we are very flexible!
-   Thank You for your early payment! We have already paid out registration fees for SCDBC, Tempe and Vancouver!

2a.  2012 Outstandng Dues/Fees!
-   Help us close out the 2012 books and simplify Denise’s accounting burden!
-   As Roger promised, here is a list:
·        Andy C.                                           ·        Eddie C.
·        Curtis G.                                          ·        Zina H.
·        Brian L.                                            ·        Tran 2
·        Sammi                                              ·        Michiko
·        Step                                                 ·        Kompheak
·        Gilbert                                              ·        Jen T.
·        Jim T.                                               ·        Devant
·        Davin (auction)                                 ·        Cheryl (auction)
·        Roger (auction) [oops]
Ya bunch of slackers! Don’t know how much you owe or why you owe money? Email and we’ll let you know!
-   Don’t forget to pay your 2013 dues while you’re at it! J

3.  2013 Tempe (Arizona) – Sat Mar 23 – Sun Mar 24 
-   Yes, Arizona! Sign up on the evite Hotel info on Evite! Get roommate situation sorted out now, the hotel WILL be booked full.
-   Remember last year? This one is a KEEPER!
-   We are registered!
 2 mixed boats (500m, 250m AND 1000m), Genders, Masters 

4.  2013 Alcan Dragon Boat Festival (VANCOUVER) – Fri Jun 21 – Sun Jun 23 
-   Time is ticking!  We have 1 boat, let’s make it 2!  Sign up on the Evite!
-   While our regular warm up tournaments, Tempe and Baby LB, are still in play
-   Start your plans now for Vancouver! 
Things to consider:
    * Time off: Try to schedule arrival Thu or early Fri to available for a Fri practice in Vancouver!
    * Passport: Canada travel requires a passport, it must be valid through Jan 2014(6mo from travel date)
    * Travel Costs: Start saving today! One less beer a week is already $200 saved ;)
    * Evite: Check out evite and sign up (Yes, Maybe, No) and keep it updated =)
    * Questions: Have questions? Need convincing? Ask your favorite vet!

5.  CPR Certification for All Steers!  Sat Feb 23rd, 8:30a-12:30p 
RSVP for CPR class on the Evite!  ALL year-around steers (practice and tournament) will need to be CPR-certified by June 9th. In your Evite response please include your:
Full name
Team name
Specify: steer, coach/captain, or paddler.
-         $35 Fee will be covered for steers already certified or who will be certified by CPR class date only
-         If you are not a steer, feel free to participate in this opportunity, but you will be responsible for the $35 class fee.

6.  SCDBC School Painting (This Saturday!)
-   On Saturday, January 19th, the SCDBC is going to use its off-season to give back to the community by working with Compton Initiative to paint a school in Compton. Invite friends and family; the more the merrier! RSVP on the Evite!

-- Your Captains