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Mar 6, 2013

SD Digest 3/6/13

Space Dragons!
Only 4 more practices until our first 2013 tournament!

1.  PRACTICE - Sat/Sun 9am
   - Fill out the POLL. And keep it updated.  
   - Fun fact: Saturday is mixed boats followed by Land Work-outs.  Sunday is gender boats followed by Core Work-outs.

1a.  SPECIAL BOAT (Early Pre-Tempe Start-up)
- Fill out the POLL.
- Saturdays only; 745am on the beach!  
- Usually a smaller group, so an accurate practice poll is extremely important.  Please keep this updated! Don't be "that guy" who signs up and then doesn't show up!
2.  2013 TEMPE (Arizona) – Sat Mar 23 – Sun Mar 24 
- Vets agree, Tempe has one of the best venues and is always a ton of fun!
ACTION ITEMS (do these now):
-  Food: Sign up for Potluck!
-  Lodging: Please email captains your plans.
- Transportation: Please email captains your plans. 
- Payment: Please pay the $35 tournament fee.
- Equipment: Driving and have a larger car? Think it’d be nice to sit and be in the shade? We need volunteers to take equipment to Tempe, including tents, chairs, white boards, the banner and all the other goodies we take to tournaments.  : Please email captains if you can take equipment!
- Do the Action Items: Have you done them yet? No? Then do them! Yes? Thank you! Not sure? Then do them again just to be safe!

3.  2013 Alcan Dragon Boat Festival (VANCOUVER) – Fri Jun 21 – Sun Jun 23 
-   Still a few slots left!  Sign up on the Evite! Before it’s too late!
  Start your plans now for Vancouver! 

4.  GENDERS NIGHT!!! – Sat March 16
-   LADIES: Karen is preggy! Space ladies are invited to come congratulate Karen as she starts her new chapter into motherhood.  Baby shower gifts are optional. If you are interested in getting something for Karen, then please remember to check the FB event page. We will update with Karen's baby registry information at a later date.  Ladies' night will be at Marina's house.  Potluck!
-   GENTS:  We will be having a nice bromantic night at Scott's house.

5.  SD HITS THE LINKS - Sat March 9
-  Well, sorta.  Mini golf at Mulligan's Mini Golf and Family Fun in Torrance.  Social night, fun for the whole SD Family! Hooray!
-  Price per games is about $7.
-   Sign up on Spacebook.

6.  U23 FUNDRAISER – Sat March 9
-  You gotta eat, right?  U23 is having a fundraiser at Wahoo's on PCH.  More than a few of our teammates are on U23 and Wahoo's is donating 20% of proceeds to U23.  So go eat Wahoo's!

-- Your Captains