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Mar 6, 2013

The Big Picture

What is this place?

Let's take a step back.  
Now can you identify it?

As we get entrenched in the routine of another season, it's easy to forget the big picture.  Take a minute to reflect on your goals for the season.  Add this one to your list if it isn't there already: 

  Be the reason why SPACE DRAGONS earns a spot to race in the 
*Club Crew World Championship in Italy in 2014

Oakland :: August 9-10

Only six more months until the REAL time trial.  Luckily, we'll get to paddle that one together.

*What is the Club Crew World Championship?  It's a World Championship race held every other year where the top teams from each country go head to head.  Teams need to earn a bid from their country.  For teams within the USA on the West Coast, the winner of the Oakland Club Crew Qualifier race this August earns one of the four USA spots.