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Apr 7, 2013

Pre-BabyLB 2013 OC-2 Testing Results are up!

Great job to everyone who came out to testing today!  The results are up.

Results are sorted by Pre-BabyLB only, so if you're interested in looking at where you stand overall, don't forget those paddlers who didn't test.  Their Pre-Tempe results are at the bottom of the list.

A couple of my observations:
- Conditions today were in general more favorable than Pre-Tempe.
- Some of our historically "fast" paddlers who pulled slow times Pre-Tempe seem to have gotten their game back.  Good job!
- Some of our paddlers who have made recent improvements are maintaining.  I like it. :)
- If you weren't satisfied with your time... your next opportunity to test yourself is May 19.

It's a good habit to take advantage of every opportunity (finals race, seeding race, time trial) to do your best.  Don't forget to warm up!  (Sorry for the massive video... I don't know how to shrink it.)