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Apr 24, 2013

SD Digest 4/24/13

Are you tapering? Moderate workouts, eat well, sleep well!  There is no stumbling into being a champion.  It does not happen overnight.  It is a result of consistent hard work.  Practice and execution.   
 Remember, there are NO small races, only opportunities to grow. =)

1.  PRACTICE - Sat/Sun 9am
   - Only 2 practices left before Sunday races. Try to make it out for final tuning!
   - NO practice on Sunday
   - Wed night practice (5:30p-sundown) has started!  The Sunset paddling has been beautiful!
    - Practice Poll Reminder: Be mindful of the practice poll. We need your poll responses for Sat/Sun practice by Wed 7p to properly notify SCDBC, later responses, while helpful to coaches and captains, do not help us satisfy our obligations to the association, beach monitors and the greater DB community.
 ** Wed/Sat/Sun Practice Poll (fill it out and keep it updated with changes)!

   -  Fill out the Poll.
   -  Sat only 7:45a before normal practice (8a ON THE WATER) Please be on time, we only have 1hr!
   -  Usually a smaller group, so an accurate practice poll is extremely important.  Please keep this poll updated! Don't be "that guy" who signs up and then doesn't show up!

2.  Baby LB – Sun Apr 28 
-   ARE YOU READY?!  Red, Blue, White: 500’s and 200’s on tap!
-   Have you signed up for potluck? Visit the link and sign up for a little something, but Think Healthy and only a few “treats” for end of day ;) DO IT NOW so others know what not to bring duplicate of!
-   Keep your eyes peeled for the Tournament Logistics mail! Call time 7AM at the tent!

3.  2013 Dues and Tournament Fees
-   As always, cash or checks payable to Space Dragons, give to Denise, Marina, Roger or Robert
-   NOW you can pay with CC to Robert or Roger OR directly from your smart phone with Square Register App!   (3% Square service fee applies)
      -   If you need to make installment arrangements, contact captains, we are very flexible! DO IT NOW

4.  2013 Alcan Dragon Boat Festival (VANCOUVER) – Fri Jun 21 – Sun Jun 23 
-   Still a few slots left!  Sign up! Before it’s too late!
-   We have 2 mixed boats REGISTERED! Plus genders =)
    * Gather your roommates: ???
    * Fill out the form: Sent out previously! and Email form to Zina!

5.  Big LB – Sat/Sun July 27-28 
-   Evite is up!  Sign up!
-   3 Mixed boats, Genders, Masters, 500m and 200m races

6.  SPACE DRAGONS 2013 YARD SALE –  Coming on Sat May 11th!
-   Did you Mark your calendars last week? No? Then do it NOW!
-   Start collecting your quality items to Donate quality items to the team for our annual Yard Sale!
-   Spend a few hours helping us make $$$ to keep dues and fees as low as possible!
-   Will need support for Early and Late morning shifts
-   We encourage everyone to participate!
-   $ell, $ell, $ell
-   Stay tuned for shift signup Doodle!

7.  2013 PDBA CLUB CREW QUALIFIERS (Oakland) – Aug 10-11
-   Evite is up!  Check it out and sign-up if you are interested
-   Winners of these races get the opportunity to represent the US in Italy 2014!
-   Remember the Big Picture!

8.  2013 Treasure Island Dragonboat Races – Sep 14-15
-   Evite is up!  Check it out and sign-up if you are interested
-   Space Dragons Traditional season ender!
-   Remember 2012?

-- Your Captains