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Apr 14, 2013

SD Hell Week - baby Long Beach 2013


It's that week everyone oh-so-much looks forward to with bated breath.  That's right folks, it's HELL WEEK.

Let's remember, Hell Week is followed by Taper Week is followed by Torrrrrnament!  Always listen to your body; do NOT overdo it and injure yourself.  Form and technique is more important than putting out the maximum number - if you aren't doing an exercise correctly, you are more likely to injure yourself. So be careful!

We're bringing back the Bronze/Silver/Gold tiers again because why not!  Remember, these are to be done on top of, and not as a replacement of, your normal workout routine.  Always warm-up before hand and then feel free to post up on Spacebook!

Got questions? Not sure what an exercise is? Try to search on youtube or ask a teammate!

Bronze: Leg Circuit
Silver: add Ab Circuit
Gold: add Rotator Cuff Planks (front/back, side/side, diagonals, counter-clockwise circle, clockwise circle – do ten of each)

Bronze: Ab Circuit
Silver: add Robert’s Twisting Plank - Lay your forearms on the ground and plant your toes. Hold your body up in a strong, straight line, twist your upper body, bringing your free arm under your body, with rotation! (30 seconds each side; 3 sets)
Gold: add tuck jumps (maximum number)

Or if you miss practice… 

Bronze: Leg Circuit
Silver: add 5 sets of Star Push-ups at 30 seconds a set. (tip: incorporate into the bronze or gold circuits rather than trying to do 5 sets of star push-ups non-stop.)
Gold:  Ab Circuit

Bronze: Ab Circuit
Silver: Leg Circuit
Gold: add tabata alligator push-up

1. Wall Sits (maximum duration)
2. Star Jumps
3. Tuck Jumps
4. One legged rotational squat:
Do wall sits before every other setEach exercise for 30 seconds is one set.  For one legged rotational squat and the three-point lunge, do 30 seconds for each leg.
Do five sets.

1. Bicycle Crunches
2. V-Ups
3. Mason Twists
4. Planks
5. Dead Bugs
Each exercise for 30 seconds is one set.
Do five sets.

Have fun!