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May 15, 2013

SD Weekly Digest 5/15/13

We all have goals, whether financial, relationship, education or maybe health and fitness. To have a goal means there is still something to achieve. While it’s not always clear how to measure one’s progress in meeting their goals, sometimes we are given tools to help. For paddlers, the OC-2 time-trial is just such a tool!

-   Great job to the 16 Space Dragons that helped setup, sell and tear-down, and big-thanks for all those that donated goods to sell!
-   It wasn't a blockbuster, but we broke $200 and every $1 from every fundraiser counts!
-   BIG Thanks to coordinator Carolyn and her super-nice parents for hosting and feeding us!
-   Special shot out to Denise for her A+ logistics support and Blanca for helping with equipment
-   Remember, always think of our yard sale(s) when planning on donating your stuff.  We may have another sale opportunity later this Summer in LB and will definitely plan one for 2014! If you definitely need to get rid of the item(s) let captains know and we will try to find temporary storage til the next sale =)

2.  PRACTICE - Sat/Sun 9am, Wed 5:30p-Sunset
   - Practice Poll Reminder: Be mindful of the practice poll. We need your poll responses for Sat/Sun practice by Wed 7p to properly notify SCDBC, later responses, while helpful to coaches and captains, do not help us satisfy our obligations to the association, beach monitors and the greater DB community.

 ** Wed/Sat/Sun Practice Poll (fill it out and keep it updated with changes)!

     SPECIAL BOAT  Sat 7:45a, before normal practice (8a ON THE WATER)
   -  Fill out the Poll.
   -  Sat only til June
   Please be on time, we only have 1hr!
   -  Usually a smaller group, so an accurate practice poll is extremely important.  Please keep this poll updated! Don't be "that guy" who signs up and then doesn't show up!

3.  Alcan OC-2 Time Trials – Sun May 19 
-   Have you signed up on the Doodle?
-   Primary test date is Sun May 19, if that date gets filled up or you absolutely cannot make that date, notify coaches. The tentative make-up date is the following Sunday May 26 after practice.
-   Keep in-mind, time trials are not simply for coaches seating data, they are a good way for each paddler to demonstrate technique in isolation which coaches can review and give feedback as well as a way for paddlers to track their own progress throughout the season.

4.  2013 Alcan Dragon Boat Festival (VANCOUVER) – Fri Jun 21 – Sun Jun 23 
-   Still a few slots left!  Sign up! Before it’s too late!
-   We have 2 mixed boats REGISTERED! Plus genders =)
-   Fri Practice: We do like to take advantage of our Alcan practice to get in their boats and taste the False Creek waters.  It is not mandatory, but we will have a practice, likely around 5p-6p.
-   WAIVERS: Stay tuned for on-line waiver signing
    * Gather your roommates: ???
    * Fill out the form: Sent out previously!
    * Email form to Zina!

5.  Big LB – Sat/Sun July 27-28 
-   Evite is up!  Sign up yo!
-   3 Mixed boats, Genders, Masters, 500m and 200m races

6.  2013 PDBA CLUB CREW QUALIFIERS (Oakland) – Aug 10-11
-   Evite is up!  Check it out and sign-up if you are interested
-   Winners of these races get the opportunity to represent the US in Italy 2014!
-   Remember the Big Picture!

7.  2013 Treasure Island Dragonboat Races – Sep 14-15
-   Evite is up!  Check it out and sign-up if you are interested
-   Space Dragons Traditional season ender!
-   Remember 2012?  …  Work Hard Play Hard

 -- Your Captains