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Jun 19, 2013

SD Weekly Digest 6-19-13

Vancouver Bound, Eh!
5 4 3 2 1 … The final countdown has begun! Taper, Eat well, Sleep well ….

Good luck and Paddle Hard Mighty Space Dragons Alcan Crew! 

1.  2013 Alcan Dragon Boat Festival (VANCOUVER) – Fri Jun 21 – Sun Jun 23 
-   Logistics: Keep an eye out for the logistics email
                      Fill out Zina’s Doodle!
-   Fri Practice: Meet at race site 4p-4:30p, on the water 5p-6p. 
-   Travel via Seattle: I-5 bridge collapse may complicate travel from Seattle airport to Vancouver, review your travel plans!.
-   Event Website:
    ->  Race Fee:                  $35  …  You know the drill ;)
    ->  Paddle Transport:      Some very nice teammates are willing to lug your paddle up the West Coast. Wed is the last chance to hand off your paddle for transport
    ->  Comm in Canada:      Data and Voice roaming IS EXPENSIVEMake sure you learn how to turn off data roaming on your phone!Probably need to leave call roaming on to send/rcv texts.

                 Let us know if you are ok with text messages from the team. We are sticking with TEXT as primary team communication in Canada...
                    "Heard” that:
-         Sprint and Verizon do not charge extra $$ for text, both sending and receiving.
-         AT&T $0.20 to send, no extra $$ to receive.
-         T-Mobile $0.20 each msg, both sending and receiving.
                   BUT check with your wireless carrier for any extra charges while you are in Vancouver.
                  If you OPT OUT, then find someone on the Doodle who said YES, and ask them for updates!

2.  NORMAL PRACTICE - Sat/Sun 9am, Wed 5:30p-Sunset
   - Practice Poll Reminder: Be mindful of the practice poll. We need your poll responses for Sat/Sun practice by Wed 7p to properly notify SCDBC, later responses, while helpful to coaches and captains, do not help us satisfy our obligations to the association, beach monitors and the greater DB community.

** Wed/Sat/Sun Practice Poll (fill it out and keep it updated with changes)!


3.  BLB/Oakland OC-2 Time Trials –  Soon!
-   Keep an eye out for the sign-up Doodle!
-   Keep in-mind, time trials are not simply for coaches’ seating data, they are a good way for each paddler to demonstrate technique in isolation which coaches can review and give feedback as well as a way for paddlers to track their own progress throughout the season.

4.  BAKE SALE – Sat July 6th 
-   Save the date!  Only 1 month away!  
-   Start thinking of COOL things to bake, here are some ideas:
           Popular items:
               COLD Watermelon (we’ll cut at the sale)
               Fruit kabobs
               Rice Crispy Treats
               Cookies (please pre-bag, 3 per bag)
               Spam Musabi
               Breads: Banana, Zucchini, Pumpkin
               Mini cheese cake
-   Looking for volunteers to help set-up, sale and clean-up.
-   Stay tuned for sign-up links for goodies and/or sales support

5.  Big LB – Sat/Sun July 27-28 
-   Sign up yo!
-   3 Mixed boats, Genders, Masters, 500m and 200m races

6.  2013 PDBA CLUB CREW QUALIFIERS (Oakland) – Aug 10-11
-   Check it out and sign-up NOW if you are interested
-   Winners of these races get the opportunity to represent the US in Italy 2014!
-   Remember the Big Picture!

7.  2013 Treasure Island Dragonboat Races – Sep 14-15
-   Check it out and sign-up NOW if you are interested
-   Space Dragons Traditional season ender!
-   Remember 2012?  …  Work Hard Play Hard
-- Your Captains