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Jul 31, 2013

SD Weekly Digest 7/31/13

Great Job all crews! … Women, Open, Masters, Red, Blue White … Now, time to get back to work.  The competitive season is like a 500m race. So far we’ve had a great start (Tempe), a solid body (BabyLB, Alcan, BigLB) and now it’s time to Finish It!

Oakland crews have just 4 practices until race day and TI just 5 weeks after that! So keep up the intensity (practice, land drills, SDWW, BOOST) and Finish STRONG!      

1.  Big LB Recap
-   One Team - You arrived on-time, helped setup, helped feed our 3 hosted crews, cleaned up after yourselves, volunteered to paddle/call/steer for teams in need and kicked Dragon Boat Booty on the water for two days.
      -   If you left without your medals on Sunday, please let captains know.
      -   If you have pictures and video, please sync up with Jeff so he can collect all the media!

PRACTICE – Normal practice resumes TODAY!
2.  NORMAL PRACTICE - Sat/Sun 9am, Wed 5:30p-Sunset
   - Practice Poll Reminder: Be mindful of the practice poll. We need your poll responses for Sat/Sun practice by Wed 7p to properly notify SCDBC, later responses, while helpful to coaches and captains, do not help us satisfy our obligations to the association, beach monitors and the greater DB community.

** Wed/Sat/Sun Practice Poll (fill it out and keep it updated with changes)!

    SPECIAL BOAT  Sat/Sun 7:45a, before normal practice (8a ON THE WATER)
Please be ON TIME EARLY, we only have 1hr and need everybody to launch the boat!

** Special Boat Practice Poll (fill it out and keep it updated with changes)!

3.  DUES and FEES
-   Time for a post-race checkup!
        Tempe $35, Baby LB $20, Alcan $35, Big LB $40 (Add $1 fee for Square Payments)
-   Not sure if you owe anything? Contact captains! OR we will contact you after BLB!
-   As always, cash or checks payable to Space Dragons, give to Denise, Marina, Roger or Robert

4. 2013 PDBA CLUB CREW QUALIFIERS (Oakland) – Aug 10-11
-   Winners of these races get the opportunity to represent the US in Italy 2014!
-   Remember the Big Picture!
-   Oakland Crew: Update the logistics Google Doc with your travel and lodging plans so we can keep track of everyone =)

5.  2013 Treasure Island Dragonboat Races – Sep 14-15
-   Check it out and sign-up NOW if you are interested
-   Space Dragons Traditional season ender!
-   Remember 2012?  …  Work Hard Play Hard
-   Hotel info coming soon!

6.  Weekly Boost!
Have you done the Weekly Boost yet?  Get to it! We’re putting up weekly targets for everyone (yes… EVERYONE) to meet every week.  The Weekly Boosts will only take a few minutes a day through the week or you can do it all in one day. Your choice.  Just get it done! Why? To show solidarity with the team.  To begin building a habit of doing a short work-outs regularly.  To build muscle and cardiovascular strength.  To promote good health.  To encourage others to do the same.  Update Spacebook when you do it.  It’ll not only help you (tracking what you’ve done), it’ll help us (recognize the work and thought we put in), and help the team (encourage others to join in too).
-- Your Captains