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Jul 25, 2013

The importance of staying Hydrated


While staying hydrated is important year-round, it’s especially difficult in the dry hot Summer months. Warm weather can make you feel tired or lazy, and can make drinking water seem like a chore.  If you’re out exercising you especially need it for your body, as all athletes know this.  Whenever you’re out on the water paddling for an intense workout and we break in between sets, you will see folks drinking lots of fluids, and while a few don’t.  Nonsense, I say to those thinking they’re too macho or fit and shouldn’t have to hydrate.  Your body needs the vital fluids whether you’re working out on the water, the gym, at home, or just out and about.  Keeping hydrated will benefit you in the long run.

Follow these tips for staying hydrated:

• Make your water taste better - Try infusing it with fresh fruit (lemon slices, berries, cucumber slices, etc.) and keeping a full pitcher handy in the fridge.

• Eat plenty of fruits and veggies - Apples are made up of about 84 percent water, while tomatoes are 94 percent water (just ask Jackie L.)

• Mix up cold, hot and room temperature drinks - Try having a cup of hot tea in the morning, drinking ice water with meals and placing a water bottle next to your bed for middle-of-the-night cravings.

• Take water with you - It is easy to stop at a soda machine when you’re out and about, but taking water bottles with you (in your purse, car, etc.) may help you avoid giving in to sugary drinks.

• Knowing what to drink and what NOT to drink will help you feel the difference in your performance.  We can save the spirits for AFTER a tourney!  =p

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See you on the water....with water!