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Jul 24, 2013

SD Weekly Digest 7/24/13

You finish the 1st power as you pass the half way mark, your lungs are burning, the lactic acid is already starting to incite muscle burn, as you wait for you 2nd wind to engage the 2ndset of power it hits you … if I just look out of the boat all will be well in the world … STOP IT … The ONLY thing that will make it all feel better is to get over that Finish Line ASAP, and the truth is the fastest way to get over the Finish Line is teamwork.  You cannot will your competition to slow down, you can only focus in the boat, rely on your training and run your best race. 

Races are just 3 DAYS away! Keep your intensity into race day, and Finish It NOW!!! …Space Dragons STRONG! …  See you on the water!

1.  Big LB – Sat/Sun July 27-28 THIS WEEKEND!
-   MAKE SURE YOU Sign-up for Potluck with Deej! (Contact her on SpaceBook too)
    … a little from each person goes a long way!
-   We are hosting 2 boats from our sexy Sister-team Ripple Effect, and we accepted the honor of hosting another new small SF team, Oyster Point Dragons, keeping to our host capacity at 3 boats.
-   Keep your eyes open for Logistics email Wed or Thur!
      The competition is strong:
Local:                          Guppies, LARD and U23 are always keeping the pressure on
North:                          Dragon Max, Oakland Renegades, Ripple, Dragon Warriors … More!
            Great White North:     Team Yahoo from Calgary
East:                            Vitasoy Seadogs
South:                          San Diego

2. 2013 PDBA CLUB CREW QUALIFIERS (Oakland) – Aug 10-11
-   Check it out and sign-up NOW if you are interested for Open boat paddling, need at least 2 more STRONG Space Men!
-   If you are interested in paddling in Oakland for Open-only, please sign up on evite and email coaches.
-   Not sure what this is? Ask a coach or captain!
-   Winners of these races get the opportunity to represent the US in Italy 2014!
-   Remember the Big Picture!
-   Hotel info: Check your email, info was sent out!

3.  2013 Treasure Island Dragonboat Races – Sep 14-15
-   Check it out and sign-up NOW if you are interested
-   Space Dragons Traditional season ender!
-   Remember 2012?  …  Work Hard Play Hard
-   Hotel info coming soon!

PRACTICE – NO practice this weekend (OBVIOUSLY), starts up again Wed 7/31!
4.  NORMAL PRACTICE - Sat/Sun 9am, Wed 5:30p-Sunset
         - Practice Poll Reminder: Be mindful of the practice poll. We need your poll responses for Sat/Sun practice by Wed 7p to properly notify SCDBC, later responses, while helpful to coaches and captains, do not help us satisfy our obligations to the association, beach monitors and the greater DB community.

** Wed/Sat/Sun Practice Poll (fill it out and keep it updated with changes)!

    SPECIAL BOAT  Sat/Sun 7:45a, before normal practice (8a ON THE WATER)
   -  Sat and Sun!!!  
 Please be ON TIME, we only have 1hr and need everybody to launch the boat!
   -  Usually a smaller group, so an accurate practice poll is extremely important.  Please keep this poll updated! Don't be "that guy" who signs up and then doesn't show up!

** Special Boat Practice Poll (fill it out and keep it updated with changes)!

5.  DUES and FEES
      -   Time for a mid-season checkup!
        Tempe $35, Baby LB $20, Alcan $35, Big LB $40 (Add $1 fee for Square)
-   Not sure if you owe anything? Contact captains! OR we will contact you after BLB!
-   As always, cash or checks payable to Space Dragons, give to Denise, Marina, Roger or Robert
-   NOW you can pay with CC to Robert or Roger OR directly from your smart phone with Square Register App at Mother’s Beach!   (~3% Square service fee applies)
-   If you need to make installment arrangements, contact captains, we are very flexible!DO IT NOW

6.  SD Citizens Award Scholarship
As a family, the Space Dragons want to make sure each of us has the opportunity to make it to tournaments. We would hate to see our students miss out on all the fun and work and silliness and racing because they are shy on cash, right? Help out your fellow teammates by just contributing a buck or two [or more!]. Those few dollars can make all the difference for the youngsters on our team. Give your contributions to Gracey or Roger. We accept cash, check, PayPal, and credit card! 

-- Your Captains