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Oct 9, 2013

SD Weekly Digest 10/9/13

Strength Training
There are several things that you can do to improve your paddling prowess: Timing, technique, cardio, flexibility and strength for starters. On the boat, coaches address all of these at some point when making you work so hard during practice. But off the water it’s up to each and every one of us to improve or maintain our general fitness which falls into the strength/cardio/flexibility realm.

As we take a little break from water training, a group of Space Dragons have embarked on an expedition to work on improving  STRENGTH through proper weight training. James is spearheading this effort and made several Spacebook Posts as well as creating a Space Camp FB group.  Both Ladies and Gentlemen, check it out if you want to get stronger!

1.  YEAR END PARTY – Sat Nov 23rd
-   Sign up on the Evite ASAP!
-   Dress up in your finest and surprise your teammates on how well you clean up ;)
-   Celebrate a year of blood, sweat and tears In Style!
-   Where? Khoury’s in Long Beach
-   Fees? Low Low fee of $35!
-   More info to come …
-   IMPORTANT: We need to start getting a head count, so sign-up, NOW!

2.  OFF-SEASON  Coming Soon!!!
  * Stay Tuned! for official Off/Pre Season practice startup notification on blog, Spacebook and digest
  * Stay Tuned! for unofficial practice/easy paddle polls on Spacebook! We’ll probably set one up soon so people can pick up their paddles from Coach Rod!
  * Can’t wait? Be Proactive … Start your own thread of interest in SpaceBook!

3.  DUES and FEES
-   Now that the season is over, Team Mgmt must start preparing for 2014 registrations in Nov and Dec, so we need to collect all 2013 fees to make sure we have enough reserve to register for thing like practice!
-   Captains will work with Denise to tally any unpaid fees and contact you.
        Tempe $35, Baby LB $20, Alcan $35, Big LB $40, TI $35, YEP $35  (Add $1 for Square Payments)
-   As always, cash, or checks payable to Space Dragons, give to Marina, Roger, Robert or Denise!

-- Your Captains