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Nov 20, 2013

SD Weekly Digest 11/20/13

YEP, it’s s Here!
T-minus 3 days … Got your Sharp-Threads and Dancing-Shoes ready? It’s time to P A R T A Y!!!

1.  YEAR END PARTY – This Sat, Nov 23rd
-   6pm, Looking Sharp!
-   And the menu is:
        Basil Chicken
        Roast Beef
        Veggie Pasta
        Mashed Potatoes 
        Steamed Veggies
        Green Salad
        Drinks: coffee/tea/soda
        Cash bar for 21 and over
        Desserts provided by various teammates...
-   Besides dinner, what else is going on?
        Spark-of-Love toy drive
        Dancing and associated shenanigans!

-   Where?
Khoury’s Restaurant
110 N Marina Dr
Long Beach, CA 90803
-   Fees?
YEP $35! ($36 if paying by Square)
-   What to bring?
1. YEParty Attitude!
2. Appetite for food and Space Desserts
3. New, un-wrapped toy (1 raffle ticket per toy!)
4. Ca$h for Raffle Tickets, Photo Booth Tips (charity)
5. Ca$h/CC for cash bar (21 and over, of course)
6. Ca$h/Check/CC for any remaining 2013 fees/dues (CC Square fees apply)
7. Ca$h/Check/CC for any Auction winnings
8. Your Dancing Shoes!

2.  PRE-SEASON  Saturdays Only,  9am warmup, 9:30 on the water!
  * Pre Season practice runs Now thru Sat Dec 28
  * Same Space Time, Same Space Channel
  * Sign Up on the Poll!

3.  Fees and Dues
Help us clear out the books for 2013 and start 2014 fresh!
Don't forget to pay your tournament fees, annual dues and for the Year End Party!  Not sure how much you owe? Email and we'll let you know. 
You can mail us a check (payable to Space Dragons) or make payment at the Year End Party via cash, check, or CC via Square (Square fees apply).
      2013 Annual Dues: $100
      Tempe: $35
      Baby Long Beach: $20
      Alcan: $35
      Big Long Beach: $40
      San Francisco: $35
      Year End Party: $35
Big thanks to those of you who checked in to make sure you're up-to-date, and those that paid up. 

* (100%) Auction Proceeds go to Team Operations, there are $0 administrative costs
* Auction Proceeds are not tax-deductible
* Any direct donations to the Space Dragons ARE tax-deductible (Cash/Check/CC)
* CC transactions via Square have a transaction fee of 2.75%
* Actual transaction fees collected may be rounded up/down on small amounts for simplicity

-- Your Captains