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Jan 15, 2014

SD Weekly Digest 1/15/14

And They're Off!
Practices, land drills and SDWW’s are off to a great start! Love the intensity …

2014 Season started Saturday, January 4th
   - That also means the beginning of Land workout, Attendance and late penalties! You like push-ups, right?
   - 9:00am Sat  (9:30-11:00 on the water)
   - 7:30am Sun (8:00-9:30 on the water)
   - Come on out!

** Practice Poll (fill it out and keep it updated with changes)!

2.  2013 Unpaid Dues Reminder
      -   Notifications went out! Thanks for all the quick replies, both to acknowledge amounts due and to correct our errors!
      -   Please help us close out the 2013 books so we can focus on a successful 2014! 
2014 Dues and Fees will be decided by the Board this weekend, stay tuned!

3.  2014 SCDBC Waivers, Membership and Safety Test
It’s ALL electronic this year!!! If you plan on coming out, even if just 1 day all next year, FILL OUT THE ELECTRONIC FORMS NOW so we don’t have to waste paper and time the 1st day you come out and so your name shows up on the electronic practice roster.


The process is pretty simple, but here is an important thing to make it go smoothly:
·       Use the same name on each form =)

2 Simple Steps:
1. Start with the SCDBC Waiver (requires personal Verification Code generation, link available in waiver form)
2. Finish up with the SCDBC Membership (requires same Verification Code from waiver, includes Safety Test so read the safety manual!)
    Steers Safety Manual: Read this before going to Membership/Test Link
    Membership and Safety Test:
You will receive a confirmation email on completion of each form.

If you have any issues let us know!

4.  Compton Initiative – Sat Feb 1st 
-   Volunteer for a good cause! SCDBC-wide participation in the Compton Initiaive
-   Paint Paint Paint
      -   Check it out and sign up on the Evite!

5.  2014 Arizona Dragon Boat Festival (Tempeeeee) – Sat Mar 22 – Sun Mar 23 
-   3 2 1 Launch!!! Season kickoff Festival  Lots of Racing!!!
      -   Sign up on the Evite!

6.  2014 Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races – Fri Jun 6 – Sun Jun 8 
-   I know it’s early but this is a  H U G E   D E A L!
-   While our regular warm-up tournaments, Tempe and Baby LB, are still in play
-   Start your plans now for Hong Kong.  Things to consider:
    * Time off: Stay tuned for best dates for all racing opportunities!
    * Passport: HK travel requires a passport, it must be valid through Jan 2015(6mo from travel date)
    * Visa: HK travel does NOT require a visa for US Passports, if you hold a non-US passport, check your travel requirements here!
    * Travel Costs: Start saving today! One less coffee or beer a week is already $200 saved ;)
    * Evite: Check out the evite and sign up (Yes, Maybe, No) and keep it updated =)

* Any direct donations to the Space Dragons ARE tax-deductible (Cash/Check/CC)
* CC transactions via Square have a transaction fee of 2.75%
* Actual transaction fees collected may be rounded up/down on small amounts for simplicity

-- Your Captains