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Feb 16, 2014

Pre-Tempe 2014 OC-2 Time Trial - Saturday, Feb 22

In just a few short years, OC-2 time trials has become an integral part of Space Dragons culture.  It is a place where we can share in the excitement (and misery) of pushing our limits and seeing what we can do as individuals.

How it works:
A coach sits in the front seat, and you sit in the back.  The course is approximately 300m long, and we time how long it takes for you to paddle from start to finish.  The coach up front steers and motivates you, while getting a free ride down the race course.  Easy peasy, right?  :)

Why you should do it:
1. It's a great way to measure individual improvement throughout the season
2. We video tape you coming down the course, and you get individualized coaching feedback on your technique
3. It's fun to watch/encourage your fellow teammates while hanging out at the little park/beach
4. It inspires some friendly competition (for those of you that like that stuff)
5. If you want to paddle Red, it is a requirement.  If you want to paddle Open, it is not a requirement, but it is highly recommended.  With so many fantastic boys and girls on Space, it's hard for the coaches to justify putting a paddler on the Open roster without test data.

What to bring:
- Snacks to share, towel/blanket to sit on
- Paddling stuff (plus I recommend some sneakers to warm-up in)
- A determined, no-fear attitude, cuz you're gonna kick that time trial's butt!

Time trial results are anonymous, so don't be shy!  Sign up here.

Also, as a reminder, practice is CANCELED for the time trial.  Make-up test day is tentatively scheduled for the following Saturday after practice; however, we're still working out OC-2 transportation logistics.  We will do our best to hold a make-up, but no guarantees!