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Jan 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!

Happy New Year, Space Dragons!

[Space Dragons East]

While you're thinking about those 2015 Resolutions, might I suggest one: "Live an active and healthy lifestyle." What a coincidence, paddling regularly will help you do that!
And for you competitive types that want to kick some ass, I'll be more direct: "Get fit/strong and come to PRACTICE."
Today officially starts the 2015 Season, which means there is Land/Core on Saturday and Special Boat on Sunday. No more parking in the metered lot - park in the Boy Scout lot so we can move efficiently and get you out in time to FEAST!
And the 15 min tardy rule is in effect, so get there on time or else it's 50 push-ups! We don't do this to be mean - we just want to squeeze every minute out of the valuable water time. And maybe a little bit to be mean.