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Feb 3, 2015

Coach's Farewell - Lesley

“It always is harder to be left behind than to be the one to go...”
― Brock Thoene, Shiloh Autumn

Can I just say that I am so jealous that I am missing out on all the fun!!!  It is so great to hear how fun the erg challenge was, how high the attendance has been, I can just feel the excitement from all the way over here!    I HATE to miss a party and I feel like I've been missing the party for oh, 3 months now!
AND you know what else I'm bummed about  missing out on?  AJ CHAN AS A COACH!   :)  That's gotta be a good time!  But besides that I know that AJ's analytical, outside the box thinking, his magnetic personality and his experience as an expert steersman that gives insight into boat flow and race dynamics are going to be a such a huge asset to the team and coaching staff.  Plus, he's got jokes!
But this is why I know that 2015 is going to be a big year for Space: We have an awesome goal in Adelaide, and now that we've been to the show, we know what to expect, we know the game, we know what to do.   
Keep up the hard work.  That means going to every practice you are physically capable of going to.  That means working towards perfecting your stroke and blending with the team.  That means staying for core and land workout as a team.   That means attending weekday workouts.  That means doing Pearl's 30-day beach body workout and posting embarrassing "before" pictures of yourself (#SpaceCamp)...Well, you get what I'm saying.  

Space has the goods.  Let's bring it! 

Love you guys!