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Jun 5, 2015

Mid-Season 2015 Time Trial

TT and erg data is up!  Great job, everyone!

With the additional transparency, please do your part to keep this a fun and supportive community.  We are all working hard toward our own individual goals.  Reflect on your goals and encourage each other!

All the trend data for the season is shown because that's really the only way you can get a complete picture.  Outliers are all too common and can be misleading when just looking at a single snapshot of results.  The coaches consider the entire season when looking at the data.

Don't forget to give a HUGE thanks to Esmer​ (cargo transport and master orchestrator), Devant​ and Chris​ (paddler taxi service), Rod​ (official clock), Robert​ (paparazzi), and Jeff​ (torture device master). 

And also thank Devant even more for the countless hours of video review!  Even just 10 min per video means almost 7 hrs of review to get through 40 time trialers.... and believe me, most videos take more than 10 minutes to really get into the details and figure out the right feedback.  That's on top of a full time job, other coaching duties, keeping up his own training and maintaining balance with other passions (e.g. climbing).  It's no small feat.

So pick your carrot and go get him (or her)!