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Jul 21, 2015

Why we paddle

Why do we paddle?  

it's fun
it's healthy
it gets us in shape for beach season
the doctor told us we were "skinny fat"
our husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/dad/kid does it
sacred royal blue is our favorite color

But really, what's it all about?

it's the connections we make
the people we care about
who care about us too

because we all know
who can't wait to take his shirt off
who reminds us of sid the sloth
whose other passion is climbing/running/fishing/gaming/cycling/comicon
who walked with a cane and a pimp swagger
who grew up in brooklyn
who wakes up at 2am to watch arsenal games
not to drink that galvatron

Here we have people to help us reach our goal
teach us to deadlift
get us an internship
be a mentor

here we have people to cheer us up
when we're in between jobs
when we hurt our back
when we didn't get the raise/grade/second date we wanted

here we have people to celebrate with
the graduations
the weddings
the new babies brought into the world

and here we have a shoulder to cry on
a strong hug for support
when we have to say goodbye to someone too soon

a few years short of racing masters
two years after graduating college
just months before taking a first breath of air

Whether we're at mother's beach every weekend
once a month
haven't dropped by in years

whether we wear sacred royal blue
a baby blue onesie 
anything in between

This is the community
the family

This is why we paddle.