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Nov 27, 2019

Starting a New Chapter

Congrats everyone on a great 2019 season! As usual, we've gone through a lot throughout the year as a team, and we've come out the other side learning more about ourselves and the team. On behalf of the coaching staff, thank you everyone who's been a part of that journey. Whether you've been on the team for a month or over 10 years, your presence on the team has definitely impacted us coaches in one way or another.

Now...with the 2019 Season over and the 2020 Season coming up fast, we'd like to make an announcement about some changes to the 2020 Coaching Staff! Unfortunately, life happens and not all the coaches can stay coaches. This year we have a pretty significant change with 5 coaches retiring from coaching (not necessarily from paddling, but stepping down from the coaching position). And I want to thank and acknowledge these coaches for doing an amazing job. The time and effort they've put in has made a difference with Space Dragons and I couldn't thank them enough for their hard work.

So the coaches that are stepping down are:

AJ Chan
Jan Redondo
Michiko Sanrindo
Rod Muramoto
Chris Espino

Coaching has definitely a rewarding job, and I couldn't imagine how my life would've been without it. It's been a surreal experience and I've definitely learned a lot (as I'm sure the other coaches would agree). And as coaches, we wouldn't step down without having a plan in place to have capable, willing people step up to fill in the role.

So introducing the 2020 coaching staff...*drumroll*
Devant Xoai as your new Head Coach!
Esmer Dizon
Robert Clark
Curtis Guinn
Sally Gee
James Cabrera
Janet Gonzales

The entire coaching staff is ready to roll and make 2020 an even better season! So show them your support and keep working hard to see what this team and family can achieve!