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Feb 19, 2009

SD Calendar....February

You wanted it, you demanded it, yep it's the return of the SD calendar and, yes, we are still taking money for it.

Here at Space Dragons Headquarters, we are all about equal rights and equal opportunities for all. We turn a blind eye, be it someone's ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, hairiness...

We believe Mr February, that's right we said MISTER FEBRUARY, is one sexy Mo-Fo

AJ Chan
Mr. February 2009

Mr. February: A.J. Chan
DOB: July 3rd
Likes: Snow Bunnies, sleeping, LA Kings, muffins, BK breakfasts, leftovers, food, eating, and spending alone time with Jessica Rabbit and video game vixen Lara Croft in mind.
Dislikes: Making audiences and actors on stage laugh with his “raise the dead” type sneezes, friends “pants-ing” him in public, narcoleptic occurrences at the most inconvenient times, and fear of being violated by aliens…sexually.

Here is Mr. February's, A.J. Chan's, take on Dragon Boating:
“When you aren’t doing it, it looks so nice and serene. But when you’re doing it…it (expletive) sucks!!!”

We may have overheard A.J. say these wise words:
“It is important to breathe during a race. When I focus on my (lead) strokes, I paddle hard and I breeeeeaaaathe. When I race, I am an animal….under control!!”

Yes ladies, to answer the question burning in your mind, this manly man, besides being constantly mistaken as Janet's other half, a voracious appetite, and difficulties in seeing green flags against a green backdrop, AJ Chan is SINGLE and is AVAILABLE.

If you would like to meet Mr. February - Come to a Space Dragon practice near you!

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