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May 12, 2009

Paragon Point results

This weekend, our friends up north and the college teams had a one-day tourney @ Paragon Pt. Here are the results. Looks like they had some great, tight racing & some fun competition!

Here is a video found online of the Mixed A finish.

In the Mixed A final, .17 seconds separated 1st and 2nd, .3 seconds separated 1st and 4th, .06 seconds between 3rd and 4th. Wow - that must have been a very fun race. Take this into account along with our own very tight races (most recently the dual .29 second deltas @ Baby LB), and you begin to understand that DB is often a sport of inches & feet.

So lets continue to train hard, both on the water @ practice and off.
Practice & hard work is the only currency for continuing to earn the right to enjoy these tight, 'last-race-of-the-day' type races - and if we are fortunate - maybe find ourselves on the nice end of neck-and-neck races against equally-motivated and deserving competitors.

We want to make sure that we do all the big & little things right: getting a perfect start off the line, having synchronous timing right from the beginning, enduring a strong settle burn, minimizing excessive body weight shifting, having that consistent one extra inch of reach via rotation, and picking up the pace for a surging finish.

The only way we can work on that is through practice and hard work.

5 weeks until Vancouver!

Congrats to our friends @ Ripple Effect, UCLA, and all the other teams for what looked like awesome racing. See you all in Vancouver/Big LB/SF!