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Apr 8, 2011

Practice Parking (re-post with an update in red)

Tired of wondering whether you've fed enough coins in those pesky meters while off and away at your latest land workout with Rod ("the Gun Show")? Hate being irked with trying to dodge the meter maid? Well, did you know that you could bypass all that noise by the way you park?

Roll in with style with a handy dandy yearly permit for Mother's Beach, available for purchase via thePermitStore @ $140 a pop, set for the year (enter "Marina Park" as your destination)! Imagine the core workout sets you'll be able to put yourself through while not having to worry about running out and paying the meter! Imagine the extra sets, the resulting abs you could be further carving! Mother's Beach is listed as "Marina Park" and is valid between 7AM and 7PM. NOTE: the time for meter enforcement has changed from 10am-6pm, even while those pesky signs have not! Beware the early rising meter maid!!

Not quite your bag? Take a nice saunter over into the Alamitos Bay Basin 4 lot (aka the "Boy Scout lot" located just east down Appian Way, towards the bridge) for some FREE parking for Saturday and Sunday. One new caveat though, per request from Calvary Chapel who holds services on Sunday mornings, please leave the lot closest to the Boy Scout building free for some of their elderly and physically challenged congregation.

And, as always, let's refrain from parking ON Appian Way...I've heard an unofficial rumor that doing so could result in parking gnomes stealing your car's air fresheners and hubcaps (needs confirmation though)!

In any case, no matter how you chose to style in the parking of your ride for practice, remember this: 

While styles change, style does not. Stay classy Space Dragons and see you on the water!