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Jul 7, 2010

SD Digest 7.7.10

Mighty Space Dragons,

Big Long Beach is lurking right around the corner. Only 10 practices left before Tournament! Are you doing what it takes to bring home hardware?!


Please remember to fill out the attendance poll! This helps the coaches and captains figure out how many boats we need for practice, so please fill it out!
Please remember to have your PFD on, zipped, buckled before getting on the boat, check your benchmate for safety gear!
Parking Reminders:
- No parking in the (small) Boy Scout lot closest to the building on Sunday mornings. Calvary Chapel's elderly and physically challenged folks need to park as close to their church as possible. You're coming to the beach for a work out, walking a few extra yards won't hurt!
- No parking on city streets.
- Please keep up your outside workout to supplement the on-water workout at practice. Earn that hardware!
- Land and Core workouts after practice are great ways to supplement your on-water workout. Rod works hard to create good routines and sets for us and spends the time to bring out the necessary equipment. All you have to do is show up! Then you'll have rock hard abs like Devant and arms the size of tree trunks like Rod.


- It is the deadline to change your Evite RSVP
- The No Flake rule will apply
- Your signed festival waivers need to be given to Jackie. You can't race without one! Wouldn't that suck?
Wanna know something really cool?! We'll be hosting Ripple and GG Dragons (from Canada) this year! That's right, we're hosting two teams!
Want to know something even cooler?! There will be Potluck both Sat & Sun, so see Pearl or Kat to sign up for a potluck item.
Money makes the world go 'round.
- $35 race fees payable to Space Dragons, give to Pearl or Denis
- $80 Space Dragons annual dues - you must be a paying member of the Space Dragons to race
You can pay both on one check. Make the check(s) payable to Space Dragons.
As with any tournament, wear your sacred Royal Blue! Bring extras if you have them; your teammates may need a jersey to wear for a day. When we roll, let's roll with solidarity!


RSVP on Evite if you're interested, more details to come. It's a fun little tournament nestled up in the mountains.


Have you RSVP'd? Hurry up and do it, because we all know you don't want to miss this one!
Have you reserved your room? They're running out fast! No, seriously, there's only a small handful of rooms left. So don't be left homeless! That would suck pretty badly.
No flake rule applies after 8/15.


Oct 16 at Lake Las Vegas, 1 day tournament! That leaves you a whole day for debauchery in that certain quaint little desert community.
Gauging interest, please RSVP if interested

6. 300m CHALLENGE -- THIS Sat 7/10

Coach Em's 300m Challenge on her OC1
Held after practice and the land workout
Email Emily if interested


Yes it's back. Come ride with Roger after Saturday practice and land work-outs. Easy way to supplement your on-water workouts!
This week, we'll swing by for the 300m Challenge too!
Email Roger if interested.
Note: No helmet no ride.

-- Pearl, Roger, Tran