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Feb 3, 2011

Crunches Not The Best Ab Workout

First i would like to start by saying what a fantastic job everyone is doing thus far this season with the practices. Practices are only going to get tougher, but nothing you can't handle. Lets keep the intensity in them and remember what all of this is for, to cross the finish line first! Also i can't stress enough how important outside workouts are for the practices and them team. You just can't get fit and strong only working out on weekends at practice, it just can't happen. So mix in a few push ups here and there and some rows, and anything else from our weekend workouts through out the week. Planks are not fun but i would encourage everyone to do more of them, crunches are not the best ab workout, check it out. Planks will help you keep a strong back and prevent injury by making your core more stable. Other than that keep up the good work and if you have any question feel free to ask one of the coaches.

One thing i can"t stress enough about paddling, or any movement for that reason, is all the power and explosiveness starts with your legs. Most sports involve power moves, and if you want more power and explosiveness, then the best thing you can work toward is getting stronger legs.

Power, explosiveness, speed, agility…all these things are magnified if you’ve got strong legs. How high you jump and how quick you move are naturally affected in a good way as you work to strengthen your legs. From a really complete perspective, focusing some time on your legs will provide benefits you can’t number.

Even if you can’t commit to a whole workout dedicated to your legs, adding a few exercises that at least come close will afford you some solid benefits. Squats, cleans, and dead lifts can all target other muscle groups in your body while emphasizing the strength in your legs, so incorporating exercises like those can benefit you a great deal. But spending some time with leg extensions, lunges, calf raises, and hamstring curls to target the whole muscle group in your leg can really improve your power. You’ll find that with stronger legs your overall performance will improve. SO what does that all mean, come to our weekday workouts, we just did legs last night and i am feeling it today!

I challenge ANYONE to bunny hopping stairs race..............come get some!

Keep up the good work and keep up with the intensity at practice!

That is all for now,