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Feb 15, 2011

Keeping that Back Super Strong!

Part of a great workout is making sure you don't get injured while training those muscles! One of the issues we've seen in some teammates is back injury and lower back pain. But you don't have to go through that! You can avoid back pain by making sure you're strengthening your back muscles, like participating in Rod's Core Workout every Sunday!

Here are some simple tips you can keep in mind while working out or just working...

Superman (from Rod's Core Workout!)
- Make sure you feel your lower back muscles working every time you do this exercise.
- Try exhaling whenever you bring your arms and legs up.
- Don't flop back down, either; make sure your movements up and down are controlled.
- Keep your arms and legs straight out in front and behind you.

Planks (from Rod's Core Workout!)
- Keep your body stable, and let that core burn!
- You can make this harder by putting your feet on a ball or roller.
- Make sure your body is straight! Get someone to help you make sure you're holding your core straight.

- Keep your back straight! Don't hunch over - it limits the effectiveness of your rotation.
- Don't lean over the gunwale, try to keep your weight inside the boat! This avoids unnecessary strain on your back during rotation and paddling.

Outside workouts
- Yoga is a great exercise for strengthening your back muscles! Just ask Robert and Mayana!
- Pilates is also a great core strengthener.

At Work
- Don't slouch at your desk! If you work in front of a computer all day, see if you can make sure your chair is the right height such that your feet are fully on the floor, your back is straight, your hands aren't crooked over the keyboard and your arms are parallel to the ground.
- Take breaks and stretch every once in awhile.
- Maybe you can get a standing desk (that's the correct height, of course!).

- Your muscles need time to regenerate and recover, so let them. Make sure you get good sleep and that your workout is balanced towards other parts of your body as well.

As always, please be careful! We want you to keep coming back to practice, so if you do feel back pain regularly, check it out with a doctor.