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Apr 27, 2011

SD Digest 4-27-11

Space Dragons,

YES - there is practice tonight (Wednesday) and on Saturday.
1.  BABY LONG BEACH -- Sun 5/1
  • Are you ready to bring it?! Get pumped up for our first local tournament of 2011! But don't forget to taper your work-outs too. It's already Wednesday, so probably a good time to start tapering. We don't want you tired or sore on tournament day!
  • Don't forget to eat right and eat light, especially on tournament day!
  • POTLUCK!  Please list on your  Evite response what you're bringing.
  • If you haven't already paid your annual dues, now's the time to pay them.  $80 payable to Space Dragons. 
  • And don't forget the $15 Baby Long Beach tournament fees.  Also payable to Space Dragons.
  • Keep an eye out for a Baby Long Beach Logistics email.  Expect one in your inbox on Thursday.  It will contain lots of importatn information like call times, etc.
2.  ALCAN -- 6/12 & 6/13
  • Time to start thinking about Vancouver... only a month and a half away!
  • Your chance to see top-notch competitors.
  • Many premiere Canadian and American teams attend.
  • RSVP on the Evite
  • Hotels are selling out!  We have 10 rooms booked in the Space Dragons block, but you MUST reserve by May 1, any room not reserved will be released.  That's the same day as Baby Long Beach, so if you're on the fence, we advise that you just book the hotel (you can always cancel later - but make sure to ask about their cancellation policy).
3.  OC-2 USAGE
  • Want to work on your technique?
  • Please read through and follow these guidelines
  • The link to the User's Guide is also under "links" on the Space Dragons website

  • Always wondered if you have the balance to stand on the bow of a boat while yelling at people?  Now you can!  Volunteers are needed to help coach festival teams for Big Long Beach.
  • Festival teams are generally allows a few practices (usually on weekend afternoons) leading up to a particular tournament.
  • This is also a great recruitment strategy for the Space Dragons!
  • Interested? Email us and let us know! We'll get you more details.
  • Space Dragons have been receiving accolades for our efforts at keeping the beach clean. People are noticing - and not just the dragon boat community, but the other beach goers and lifeguards too!  So keep up the good work, and thanks to Marina for her continued efforts!
  • Space Dragons have also been receiving praise for our role in smoothing over the dragon boat community's sometimes bumpy relationship with the local community.  From simple things like not parking in the church parking lot on Sundays to playing nice with the volleyballers, we're doing good! Keep it up!
  • This past Saturday we had another successful Yard Sale!  Big thanks to Denise, CJ and all of the equipment-bringers for all of their help!  And of course mucho thank-o's to all of are team members who came to volunteer and donate in an effort to keep our tournament fees low.
-- Your captains