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Jul 6, 2011

Paddler Spotlight -- Jilll!!


Dunking day (Birthday): January 27. There's no point in lying, since it's listed on facebook.
 Hometown: Los Angeles 

If you could have an endless supply of any 3 food items, what would you have? Only 3? Well, this is hard. Oink oink!
Korean BBQ
Spaghetti from Jollibee
Fried chicken

How long have you been paddling, who got you into Space, and why do you do it week in and week out?

I started in April 2011 so, about 3 months. James aka DJ Bakasan got me into Space. At first, I keep coming back because of my running injury and was using paddling as an alternate form of exercise. Now... 
I do it because I love the camaraderie among the team, and I love hanging out with everyone! And of course, I want sexy core! :D
Are you a better Paddler when you are Happy or Angry? 

I've never been angry paddling, so I guess Happy? Might have to test this one out one these days. Who wants to get me mad? :Þ

Favorite or notable Space Dragon moment(s)? Getting in the finals for the 200m at Baby Long Beach (2011). We didn't even know we qualified and we were just standing around when the officials kept screaming "Space Dragons, get in the boat NOW!" We didn't place, but participating in the finals was an awesome experience. Also, getting dunked, flipping mid-air and landing on my neck was notable because it made me feel that I'm really a part of the team :)

How do you prep yourself for a Race? I visualize the race and remind myself to rotate, keep timing, breath, lean forward, and have fun! 

What do you do when you're not paddling? Hobbies, activities, interests? 

I play video games. I run. I bike. I ride motorcycles. I go to karaoke/noraebang most weekends. I love to read. And Lakers! (I know we lost, but I'm a Lakers fan for life!) (Ed note: SOMEONE MARRY THIS GIRL!)

Any advice for new paddlers? Stick with it. Keep going to practice, and always have fun! Dunking can be fun, unless you flip and land on your neck. And, invest in butt pads :)

Paddling-wise, any particular goals for yourself or the team? I'm still a newbie, so my goal is to not suck. I want to work hard so I don't get terrified every time I'm asked to be the stroke for the boat.

If you could change one thing about the Team what would it be? 

Can we move practice to 10am? No? Okay, just thought I'd ask :P

Favorite part about being a Space Dragon? The people. Hands down. Everyone's so nice and welcoming and hilarious. I always have a smile on my face every single time I go to practice. 
Space Dragons: ATTACK!!

Assuming you had a single brother or sister, what Space Dragon might you consider hooking them up with? I'm single, so why would I want to hook my brother or sister up first? Besides, my brother is married, and my twin sister is taken. So, yes, just throwing it out there. I'm single. :P

If you could bring any celebrity guest paddler out for a paddle with Space, who would you bring? 

Bradley Cooper. I'm sure none of the ladies of Space Dragon would mind. And, have you seen those guns? He can definitely paddle.

Most interesting character you've met through the team? 
Ceez. The man can tell perverted jokes and still sound decent. 

If you were to be stranded on an island with any 3 SD paddlers, who would you choose to get-by and pass the time with? 
Devant - We can sing all day long since he seems to love karaoke as much as I do. Also, I'm sure he can wrestle with any wild beast in an island and win. 
James N - because he has excellent taste in music
Esmer (Ez) - Fellow Lakers fan. Enough said.
First thing that comes to mind when you hear the word(s):
1. gagalittle monsters

2. six packBeer

3. Chuck NorrisChuck Norris got owned by a paddle.

4. prey - Birds of prey

5. Space DragonsBeasts!

Name something that our readers don't already know about you. 

I can't tread water. So, if I fall on the deep end of the water without a PFD on, someone please save me :)