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Jul 6, 2011

SD Digest 7-6-11

Space Dragons,
Yay for Marina and all the bakers/volunteers! Bake Sale was not only a success, but it was also a blast!

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1.  BIG LONG BEACH -- 7/30 & 7/31
  • HOLY MOLEY Do you realize how close Big Long Beach is?  It's at the end of this month!  Only 3 weekends away!  It's coming up, but still time enough to get your butt out to practice!
  • No Flake Rule is now enforced, below are those who are yeses on the Evite at the end of Sunday July 3, the No Flake date (this means you have to pay race fee)
  • If you're a maybe on the Evite, please make up your mind and update your response
  • If you're on this "yes" list and cannot make it anymore, it is now within 1 month of the tournament, please EMAIL the coaches to let them know you cannot make it anymore
Ladies:                                                                 Men:
Arlene                                                              AJ
Brianne                                                            Andy
Christine                                                           Brian
Claire                                                               Ceez
Deadra                                                             Chiu
Denise                                                              CJ
Diane                                                                David L
Edie                                                                  Davin
Em                                                                   Devant
Jackie                                                               Esmer
Janet                                                                 Galen
Jill                                                                     James A
Karen                                                               James N
Kat W                                                              Jason
Lesley                                                               Jim T
Linda                                                                Kevin K
Makiko                                                             Kevin M 
Marcella                                                           Kim
Marina                                                              Ping
Mary                                                                 Robert
Mayana                                                             Rod
Mic                                                                   Roger
Sammi                                                               Scott
Sheila                                                                Steve
Susie                                                                 Thomas
Tran1                                                                Tom L
Tran2                                                                Turtle
  • Race fee is $35, payable to Space Dragons
  • We are catering Panda Express for lunch on Saturday, please give Pearl or Denise $5, may be combined with the race fee if you have not already paid (= $40 total payable to Space Dragons)
  • Potluck on Sunday will be build-your-own sandwich, sign up sheet for material coming soon, so look out for it
  • Do you have an idea for a social mingling/ice-breaker game?  Interested in organizing one?  Let Pearl know!

2.  SAN FRANCISCO -- 9/17-19
  • Never too late to start planning, especially since we have travel and lodging logistics to handle for our away tournaments.Check your Evite, make sure you've 1) RSVP'd; 2) listed your travel and lodging info; 3) your plans have not changed
  • Did not make your reservation at the Mariott Marquis?  It is now sold out, overflow at the Courtyard down the street: $189 for 1 king, $199 for 2 queens
  • Get your room NOW before the Courtyard sells out, too!
  • Details on the Evite
  • Please let Galen know about your lodging: need a room, need roommate(s), booked a room, etc

  • Haven't paid Galen yet? Please do. He's paid the jersey-maker and out of the kindness of his big heart, is fronting the costs for all those folks who haven't yet paid him.  Don't leave him high and dry!
  • Don't remember what you ordered and whether you've paid, see attached spreadsheet for payment status and total cost
  • We forgot the initial set up fee, so if you have already paid, please give $1 extra per shirt to Galen, sorry about this oversight
  • We'll be getting our new jerseys in time for Big Long Beach. Yay!
  • It's time to show the local community why we're so awesome!  Stick around after practice to help clean-up the beach.  Spend a little time helping clean up our beach, collect some good karma, then come feast with the team! What can be better?
  • August 20-21: Lake Gregory Tournament (RSVP here)
  • August 28: SD Family Picnic (more details to come. Email captains if you are interested in organizing or helping).
  • September 22-26: Shanghai Race
    • Pearl has been asked to organize a Long Beach team to attend this race
    • These are 10-men races, 6 of 10 paddlers must be of Chinese descent
    • These will be the week following San Francisco
    • Please let Pearl know if you are interested
-- Your Captains