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Oct 12, 2011

SD Weekly Digest 10/12/11

Space Dragons,

  • Last practices before San Diego!
  • Practice this weekend: Saturday and Sunday. We are requesting one big and one small boat for each day.
  • When you're at Mother's Beach next time, you'll notice something missing.  The Equipment Shed is gone! Remember that rundown lookin' shed by the showers? They're building a brand-spankin'-new shed now. 
"Wait," you ask, "what does that mean?"
  • That the steering oars that were kept in the shed are no longer being kept at the beach.
  • Also there won't be any "extra" paddling gear to use.
"So what the big deal with that?" you ask. 
  • Without steering oars, we can't go out and paddle.
  • Without paddling gear, you can't paddle!
"Oh noes!" you cry with a mix of anguish and rage, "What are we to do?!".
  • It's ok, we have a temporary solution.  But it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE THAT EVERYONE FILLS OUT THE POLL so we get an accurate headcount.
  • The solution is this: Oars will be stored off-site by Mike (of SCDBC) and TK (of Pinks) out of the kindness of their hearts.  They will store and then transport the oars to the beach on an as-needed basis on practice days.
  • As for the paddling gear, we have some team gear for guest paddlers.  However, if we have more guests than gears, someone's not getting on the boat (that would suck).  So... if you have extra equipment (PFD, paddle), we'd appreciate if you could bring them to practice.
  • Or if you don't own your own gear, time to think about getting them, ask Pearl for info on paddles and PFDs.
"Oh thank goodness" you quietly think with a sigh of relief, "as a regular paddler, I won't even really see a difference.  Sometimes I forget to respond to the poll and everything is still ok. I guess nothing is changing."
  • Actually, no, it's not the same.  On practice mornings, we sometimes switch one big boat for one small 10-man boat, depending on the number of people who show up to practice.  The 20-man and 10-man boats use different oars.  Before, we would just run to the shed, check-out a different boat and grab another oar.  Now, we can't do that. 
  • If the poll numbers reflect the need for a small boat but too many people show up, some folks are gonna be doing an awful lot of land workouts instead of paddling.
"Oh I see" you nod in agreement, "I will definitely respond to the polls by Wednesday, 7PM every week for the weekend practices then."
  • Awesome!
2.  SAN DIEGO -- 10/22 - 10/23
  • Hey San Diego crew, did you figure out transportation and lodging?  Did you pay your tournament fees?
3.  SOCIAL NIGHT -- Sat 11/5
  • Woopy doo! Check Evite for more details
  • Here's something you won't hear us say often: Minors encouraged to join! 
  • DEADLINE to sign up for bowling: Sunday, 11-16.  After that, we can't guarantee lane space for you to bowl. So let us know now!
4. YEAR END DINNER -- 12/3
  • OFFICIAL RSVP is via Evite, NOT Facebook, so please RSVP on the Evite
  • Don't know/remember where you RSVP'd?  Check the Evite NOW!
  • Have an idea about a fun award?  Let us know.
  • WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!  Volunteers needed for the following:
    • Help make awards
    • We need auction and raffle items. Wanna help but don't know what to offer? Come talk to us for ideas!
  • Are you all paid up?  Ask Denise if you aren't sure. 
Thank you Jim and Andy for volunteering to organize.  Keep your ears to the ground for more details of this most awesome annual trip!  If you want to play your part and help out, let them know!

-- Your Captains