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Oct 5, 2011

SD Weekly Digest 10/5/11

Space Dragons,

Please read and take action(s) asked!

Thanks to CJ and James N, SF 2011 recap and video are here!


  • Only 2 more weekends of unofficial practice before San Diego!  There will be practice both Sat and Sun this weekend.
2.  SAN DIEGO -- 10/22 - 10/23
  • Last chance, still have sign up?  Tsk tsk tsk... Check Evite.
  • $45 race fee payable to Space Dragons
  • No Flake Rule enforced after THIS Sunday 10/9
3.  SOCIAL NIGHT -- Sat 11/5
  • It's official!  Check the Evite in your email for details.
4. YEAR END DINNER -- 12/3
  • OFFICIAL RSVP is via Evite, NOT Facebook, so please RSVP on the Evite
  • Don't know/remember where you RSVP'd?  Check the Evite NOW!
  • Have an idea about a fun award?  Let us know.
  • WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!  YE Dinner doesn't happen by magic! Please contact Janet if you can help.  We all like cool awards, games, and other fun stuff at the YE dinner... but we need your help to make it happen!

  • Are you all paid up?  Ask Denise if you aren't sure.
  • Looking for an awesome volunteer to help organize the 2012 trip.  Think big mansion, a sea of Space-Ripples, slicing down the mountain of white snow, hot chocolate, games, hot tub...  Think you can handle it?  Well, let us know!

-- Your Captains