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Mar 15, 2012

Coming Back to Paddle

1. Had a nice long break from paddling but you're worried about getting yelled at?
2. Or maybe you don't think you are fit enough?
3. Afraid you look goofy doing Land or Core with Coach Galen?

Here's an article about getting back into shape that I think we can learn from...

Key Take Aways:

  • Fitness is a personal choice and it’s all about personal goals. Don't compare yourself with the young super fit ones...

  • No matter how long you have been in the gym, ensure you are using proper technique for all your exercises

  • It's exercise and this is your personal time, you decide when, what, where and how long. The more you do it, the easier it will get

    • And the answers to the questions above are:

      1. Getting yelled at by a coach is an honor, we're checking out your form and paying special attention to you. Don't worry about it being personal, we just want you to have the best form possible so that you won't hurt yourself and to get you super duper efficient. Who doesn't wnat that?

      2. You get what you put in. Delaying coming out will only make it harder. No one will question your fitness, the effort is what counts.

      3. Don't worry you will...but Coach Galen looks goofy all the time, land and core aside. So you will fit right in!

      So come on out and try it again...who knows, maybe you will run into some of our special new recruits!