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Aug 1, 2012

SD Digest 8/1

Space Dragons!

Congratulations ALL on a great job!
- 2 Mixed, Open, Women and Masters all made it to their respective TOP Divisions!!!!
- Thank You to Coaches for keeping us on our game, Denise for managing the tournament and all of the folks who volunteered to help (and there are a LOT of you guys!). 
- BUT, do not get complacent! Keep your EYE ON THE PRIZE, TI is just 6 weeks away!
- Time to Finish It!

- Wed (today) NO PRACTICE!
-  Sat/Sun 7/4-7/5 Optional Practice 9A Warmup, 9:30A on the water!  Fill out the poll!!!
- NOTE: Poll time may say 8A, but 9:30 is the correct time, make a mental note =p  
2.  OC-2 TIME TRIALS for TI –
Sun Aug 5
- That’s This Sunday!!!  Encouraged for EVERYONE! 
- Sign up on the doodle in your email!  Signups are mostly full, email to sign up for Makeup test the following Sunday.

- Invite your Family and Friends!
- Paper Flyers are required, so email or print and hand out!
- Flyers attached!
- We get a percentage of the proceeds for each purchase with the flyer, and all proceeds we get will help the team. So the more the merrier!

4.  LAKE GREGORY – Sun Aug 19
- Still Juiced from BLB? Here you go!
- This is a fun ONE DAY local race and it’s coming up FAST!  So sign up on the Evite if interested. 
- In the past we have brought up 2 12-man crews, let’s see if we can do 2 18-man crews and genders!
- Fees low!  ~$20 for 12 man crews, ~$15 for 18 man crews! More if we add genders, still very cost effective!
- We have interest from friendly teams who want paddle with us! So sign up now before we release some benches for guest paddlers.  We will start accepting guest paddlers after the deadline!
- Deadline for Space Dragons to ensure a seat is Wed 8/8
5.  SAN FRANCISCO - Sept 15 & 16
- 6 Weeks Away!  So sign up on the Evite
- Have you paid your low low tournament Fees?!  $30
- NOTE: We have calculated a separate away-team food fee of $5 being collected by Zina, pay her! Or she will hunt you down.
- We have a block of rooms for our paddlers.  It is highly recommended to stay with the team so you can partake in the Sunday night shenanigans that will surely take place.
- Hotel Room Registration
1. Find your roommates, decide who is going to put down credit card info.
2. The person booking the room will go to weblink in your email
3. Enter Access Code: spacedb12   (left side of the screen)
4. Complete all the booking details.
5. The website will let you add more people to the room at the time of booking, or at a later date
6. Register a room soon, or find roomies, as the block may get full.

6.  JERSEY ISSUES – Email Galen!
- *LADIES* if you have any Jersey Issues, please email me by 11:30PM on Friday 8/3/2012. 
I want to talk to the vendor this weekend and if you do not tell me you have any issues, I will assume that your jersey fits fine and you have no complaints. 
(Reading between the lines: You're SOL if you find out later that it is no good)
If you already emailed me, please email me again - it got lost in the Big LB coaching emails. Thanks!

7.  UPCOMING EVENTS - mark your calendars!
- August 5 (Sunday): OC-2 Testing for TI
- August 12 (Sunday): Wahoo's Fundraiser
- August 12 (Sunday): OC-2 Testing for TI (makeup)
- August 19 (Sunday): Lake Gregory
- September 15 & 16 (Saturday/Sunday): San Francisco (TI) 

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-- Your Adoring Captains!