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Jul 15, 2013

Hell Week - Big Long Beach edition!

HELL WEEK. Oh yea! Big Long Beach, our Home Tournament, is only 2 weeks away.... let's do it again!

Everyone's going to Big Long Beach, so git 'er dunnn!  Always remember to stretch and do some cardio for warm up! 

Bronze: Leg Circuit
Silver: add Ab Circuit
Gold: add mountain climbers (3 sets, 45 seconds each set)

Bronze: Ab Circuit
Silver: add Robert’s Twisting Plank -Lay your forearms on the ground and plant your toes. Hold your body up in a strong, straight line, twist your upper body, bringing your free arm under your body, with rotation! (35 seconds each side; 3 sets)
Gold: add Leg Circuit

Practice! Or if you miss practice:

Space Murph:
1. Run (“Run1”)
2. Crunchy Frogs (“CF”)
3. Squat Jumps (“SJ”)
4. Scissor Lunges (“SL”)
5. Burpees (“Bp”)
6. Push-ups (“PU”)
7. Side plank w/ leg lift (“SP”)
8. Run (“Run2”)

Run1: 0.25 miles | CF:  50 | SJ: 50 | SL: 25 | Bp: 25 | PU: 50 | SP: 50 | Run2: 0.25 miles
Run1: 0.25 miles | CF:  100 | SJ: 100 | SL: 50 | Bp: 50 | PU: 100 | SP: 100 | Run2: 0.25 miles
Run1: 0.50 miles | CF:  150 | SJ: 150 | SL: 100 | Bp: 75 | PU: 125 | SP: 100 | Run2: 0.50 miles

Rules: Do Run1 at the beginning, Run2 at the end.  All exercises in between can be split up however you wish in whatever order you wish, as long as at the end you completed the numbers listed above.  Any exercise that is one-sided (i.e., side planks) means you need to do the amount listed for each side.  For example, if you are doing bronze, you need to do 50 side planks w/ leg lifts on your right side, and 50 side planks w/ leg lifts on your left side.  You can split the side planks up so you do 10 planks, the move on to 20 burpees, and then come back to finish the rest of the planks later.

Bronze: Ab Circuit
Silver: add Leg Circuit
Gold: add tabata alligator push-ups (

1. Wall Sits (maximum duration)
2. Star Jumps
3. Tuck Jumps
4. One legged rotational squat:
Do wall sits before every other setEach exercise for 30 seconds is one set. For one legged rotational squat and the three-point lunge, do 30 seconds for each leg.
Do five sets.

1. Bicycle Crunches
2. V-Ups
3. Mason Twists
4. Side Plank
5. Dead Bugs
Each exercise for 35 seconds is one set.  Side planks are 35 seconds for each side.
Do five sets.

Any questions? Don’t know how to do an exercise? Ask on Spacebook!